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Installing the WOWRO 50 in your RV

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Customer Install of the WOWRO

Save the Planet

  • Topper introduces the first cartridge recycling program direct to the factory
  • 12.7 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year
  • Each year production of plastic water bottles used in the US uses enough energy to fuel a million cars.

  • Each week Americas drink enough bottled water to circle the globe 2 times!

You can help reduce plastic pollution and drink healthier quality un-bottled water  with the WOW RO 50 System

Save Money

  • The average family spends up to $1,100 or more per year on bottled water.
  • 80% of bottled water is processed tap water using reverse osmosis.

The WOW RO 50, properly maintained over a 5 year period, will provide all the water a family needs for just 71 cents per day!

Save Space

Better Water = Better Health

Chlorine, fluoride, lead and other chemical contaminants (including residual pharmaceutical drugs) is routinely present in our water supply.

Clean water from the WOW RO™ 50 makes for healthy families.

Did you know?

The WOW RO 50 significantly reduces these 4 agents generally found in tap water that can cause serious health risks.

  • Viral (viruses)
  • Biological (bacteria)
  • Inorganic (minerals)
  • Organic (chemicals)

All Reverse-Osmosis Systems
are NOT the same

TOPPER RO Advantages

  • Most compact RO system storing same volume of water
  • High Efficiency – 2:1 efficiency rated – reducing waste water up to 500% over conventional RO systems
  • Versatility – The only POU RO system in the world designed to go above or below the counter.
  • Quick, Clean Water Production – High quality water – up to 50% faster than traditional “Air on Water” competitors (with same membranes)
  • Low Maintenance – Quick connect sanitary change cartridges & auto fast forward flush membranes.
  • Consistent Flow – with Topper vs. diminishing flows with air-to-water systems.
  • Auto Leak Detection / Shut-Off
  • Broadest range of operating conditions – 25psi lower than the closest competitor and operates in higher hardness conditions without a water softener.
TOPPER RO 50 with Leak Detector

2 year warranty
Comes with installation hardware.
For any question call 847-378-4203